Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Watermelon and Strawberry Ice Lollys.

So this heatwave thing is getting serious then. For quite a number of weeks I kept coming across articles and blog posts entitled something on the lines of 'how to beat the heat' know, as a runner. I always skipped them "hahahaaa" I would sarcastically laugh in my head, "(un)fortunately for me it's not South California that I reside, it's Scotland for me, and I don't need no 'get up early to run before the heat sets in' advice thanks".

Turns out this is the best thing ever to be wrong at. Well, not best when you're running midday and it's a long one and you get kind of lost and you're not carrying any provisions and your mouth starts to gum up and the story of the sinking of the Essex comes into your head....waterwater everywhere but not a drop to drink (I know, drama queen much, but I was by the sea and such thoughts seemed appropriate at the time), being correct and prepared would have been best then.

 But for the rest of the time, when you can wander in the evening sun and feel it on your back and run your hands through the grasses at the side of the path, or when you can still put washing out at 5pm, or when the most pressing question is which tan line to work on today...yeah being wrong is pretty darn grand.

Se here's a super swift, super healthy (no honestly, not even in a 'there's oats next to the kilo of sugar soooo, your doc would probs say it was fine' kind of way, this is full on good for you) treat to celebrate the whole being warm thing. Man I could have done with these on that run yesterday...does an Ice Lolly Belt exist? With Love and Cake.

Watermelon and Strawberry Ice Lolly.

A few notes:
  • This is not really a recipe as such...more of a to do list. Sizes of melons vary, as do lolly makers, so a tweak here and there may be in order...but it's sunny, no one wants strict right?
  • Don't worry about the melon seeds, they pretty much get whizzed up. Extra fibre.

Makes 4 lollys
You will need

1 x lolly maker, mine is just like this

about a quarter of a small watermelon, flesh removed from rind and cubed
5ish strawberries, hulled and quartered

  • Whizz the watermelon in a blender, it shouldn't take 2 secs for it to turn into lovely pink juice.
  • Divide the juice between each section of your lolly maker, though don't fill them right to the top, you need space for the strawberries.
  • Speaking of which, poke a few pieces of strawb into each lolly.
  • Pop the tops on and freeze for a good few hours.
  • To remove, just dunk the lolly maker in a bowl of freshly boiled water. I found these way easier to get out than my last foray into lollys, they popped out really easily.

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