Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nutella and Cream Cheese Crêpe Cake.

Hiiiii. So here's the thing I told you about the other day; the thing that would mean the humble crêpe is not so humble any more.

It goes like this...crêpe, Nutella, crêpe, cream cheese, crêpe, Nutella, crêpe, cream cheese, on and on and on until finally...GANACHE. I mean....wowzeers.

And let's be clear...this is not any old Nutella, oh nonono, this is the homemade stuff I haven't really stopped banging on about that tastes of actual nuts and joyfullness. And the ganache? Yeeeeeah, that's the genius stuff that's made of chocolate and water and NOTHING ELSE.

Maaan, I surprise mySELF sometimes...I mean, yes yes there are plenty of Pinterest pins of Crêpe Cakes, but did those pinners make their own Nutella, or use kitchen wizardry to magic up healthy ganache....I don't think soooo. I'll take congratulations and donations by email, postcard or tweet...thanks. With Love and Cake.

Nutella Crêpe Cake.

A few notes:
  • This is not exactly a 'recipe' as such. There is no fine line between success and failure, as long as you have your basic crêpe, you can have all the fun of the fair....perhaps replace the Nutella with lemon curd, or any jam really, or you could go savoury and use cheese and pesto, whatever floats your boat.
  • Of course, I used my very genius homemade Nutella (nope, still not over it yet), but do not feel bad about using the bought stuff, it's just harder to convince yourself of it's health giving properties that way. Either way you will probably not use a whole jar as I have prescribed below, but who was ever sad about leftover Nutella?
  • For extra fancyness, I topped my stack with some ganache that I had in the fridge. Feel free to do that too, I used 1 x portion of this recipe, but if I didn't happen to have it made up already, I would happily use extra Nutella.
Serves 6-8 generously
You will need

20-30 crêpes, I used 2 x this recipe

1 x tub cream cheese
1 x handful hazelnuts, toasted under the grill for a few minutes

  • Everything is ready, we just need to assemble really. So lay your first crêpe on the plate you want to serve from.
  • Spread over about 1 heaped dessert spoonful of Nutella.
  • Lay another crêpe on top and spread about the same amount of cream cheese on top of that.
  • Keep going like this, crêpe, Nutella, crêpe, cream cheese, crêpe etc until your final crêpe is on top.
  • Pretend you're icing a cake and top with a neat layer of ganache (if using) or Nutella.
  • Pile the hazelnuts of top and you. are. done.
  • Wowzas, so fancy but so simple.

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