Friday, 1 June 2012

Spontaneous Strawberry and Elderflower Waffles.

I had visions of these before I actually cobbled them together. I thought they were going to stand all tall and fluffy, studded beautifully with shiny, ruby strawbs. That was the plan, and you know that I’m a bit of a one for a plan. Just can’t help myself.

The reality, as you can see, was a little different. More sunken and all moody coloured; in fact quite less than the joyous red and white theme I had in mind. But do you know, sometimes I just have to accept that a plan is sometimes more of a hindrance than a help. Sometimes, I just have to force a deep breath on myself and go with it, whatever ‘it’ maybe.

Obviously an extensive, to the minute plan made 2 weeks in advance involving several lists is preferable. But in this case it would be sad if my glowing, spongy vision detracted from the more subtle tasting, dense but not heavy, alllllmost squidgy yummyness that my stray from the planned path culminated in. A lesson for life I guess.

Ooops sozzles, didn’t mean to get all profound on you...eheeee, cake, giggles and all things airyfairy. Best to redress the balance between serious and fluffy. Now, I’m off to right a list. With Love and Cake.

Strawberry and Elderflower Waffles
Oringinal Waffle recipe from Jamie O's Christmas Magazine

A few notes:
  • If you're not in possession of bottles of last years elderflower cordial that need using asap (oops) and don't fancy buying any specially, just use a few teaspoons of caster sugar to mix with the strawberries and mix icing sugar into the mascarpone.
  • Of course the strawbs don't have to come into it at all, if you fancy waffle straight up, head here for the original recipe.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you use a non-stick pan here. The sugary strawbs will NOT make it easy on you when it comes to flipping if your pan is not non-stick, however much butter you use to grease. Trust me.
Serves 4
You will need

A non-stick pan, about 18cm across, very well buttered

1 egg
150ml milk
110g self raising flour
1 1/4 tsps baking powder
50g butter, melted
150g strawberries, quartered
2 tbsps elderflower cordial
serve with mascarpone spiked with a slash of elderflower corial

  • First we need to make the waffle batter. Whisk together the egg and milk and then beat in the flour, baking powder and cooled melted butter; stopping stirring as soon as everything is combined.
  • Set this aside to rest for half an hour.
  • Meanwhile mix the strawberries with the cordial and let them sit too.
  • When the half hour is up, pop the pan on a medium heat and get nice and hot.
  • At the final moment, mix the strawberries into the batter with as few stirs as poss and pour into the hot pan.
  • Cook for 5ish minutes on the first side until at least 50% of the batter is set and firm and you can have a peek and see that the underside is golden and lovely looking.
  • Now for flipping. The easiest was to do it is to slide the half cooked waffle onto a plate, uncooked side remaining up. Then hover the pan, upside down, over the waffle and turn plate and pan over so the waffle has no choice but to plop into the plan, cooked side up.
  • Cook for about another 5 minutes until all is firm and burnished.
  • Noooow it's ready for you. Splodge on some sweetened mascarpone and a few extra strawbs and feel spontaneous.

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