Sunday, 30 June 2013

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lollys.

So here we are, turns out I'm not a total div and can actually work lolly makers...yes I KNOW they're made for kids and 5 year olds can do it....I worked it out in the end OK.

You see I thought that maybe if I let them sit too long in boiling water that I'd be left with Chocolate and Peanut Butter puddles, so i didn't soak them long enough. Turns out no, it's fine, the boiling water trick works perfectly, especially because even when these chaps do melt, there's no puddleyness, they just kind of soften while holding their shape.

So I suggest you go and make these now, eeeeeven if it's not sunny. Actually I think 'especially' if it's not sunny, because you don't want to be kitchen bound and freezer waiting on those days, you want to be one of those cool folks that just causally offers homemade lollys, all prepared and smug like. Well that's my version of cool anyway...NO I'm NOT listening to The Backstreet Boys right now...I don't even know why you ask. Ahem, back to being cool.

Sorry about the whole 'two posts in a row that require specialist equipment' thing. In my defense, I have already demonstrated that you can make these without freezing them in lolly fact you could freeze them in ramekins and eat them with a spoon...but also, lolly makers are a super bargain and you probably should buy some anyway, you know, for the smug thing. With Love and Cake.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lollys.

So it's simple really, just head on over to this recipe, make as described and instead of pouring the mixture into ramekins, divide between your lolly maker and get in the freezer for a day of so.

To remove them from your lolly maker, which is where I struggled, stand them in a bowl of freshly boiled water. Honestly don't worry about them melting, you can leave them in for a good few minutes or so. Then pull them gently out. Voila. 

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