Monday, 8 August 2011

Homemade Lemonade

Hiiyaa, so it seems I'm on a bit of a lemon kick. I think it must be because it feels like we've had all that Scotland has to offer in terms of summer this year. I'm pretty sure we've averaged two nice days a month and that we've had all we'll get for this must now be time to don woolly socks, close the curtains early and despair that the washing will never get dry. 

I therefore feel compelled, given that it is still only really August, to fill our little flat with as many summer vibes as possible. Enough to drown out the pitter-patter of rain against the windows. And so what could be more appropriate to bring that summer feeling than sunshine coloured, sharply-sweet homemade lemonade.

This was one of July's two sunny days, or was it in my sunny daydream?

I have no idea how the clear, fizzy stuff that has never seen a lemon in its life relates to this still and traditional version. I would never choose to drink the fizzy stuff, except with Pimms of course, but give me the real deal, that almost induces a wince with its sharpness quickly followed by the reassuring presence of sugar and I can feel the sun on my face, even in Fife, on a rainy day. 

If you've never tried it homemade in proper homemade, not from a bottle that is labelled homemade, I say have a gogogo at knocking up a batch. It's not time consuming and it will make you feel all Enid Blyton. With Love and Cake. 

Homemade Lemonade
From Delia's Summer Collection.

A few notes:
  • You must use unwaxed lemons, otherwise you'll pretty much be making wax-ade, yuck.
  • When removing the peel, try to only take the yellow part. The white part will add bitterness.
  • This looks boootiful in lovely swing top bottles, but fear not, plain old plastic ones will do just fine too.
Makes just under 2 litres
You will need

a non-metal bowl

6 lemons
150ml granulated sugar
1.5 l water

  • First give the lemons a really good wash and scrub.
  • Next, use a potato peeler to remove the yellow layer of peel and pop in your bowl.
  • Squeeze all the lemons and pour the juice onto the peel followed by the sugar.
  • Next boil the water, pour on top of all the lovely lemonyness and give everything a good stir.
  • Cover with a tea towel and leave aside in a cool place overnight.
  • Next morning have a taste. If it's too sharp for you add a bit more sugar.
  • You can strain it at this point if you fancy but I like the bits left in.
  • Transfer to your bottle, chill and enjoy with lots of ice and topped up with a splash of fizzy water if you'd like. Soak up the sun. 

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