Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cider Caramel Apples.

Hiiiiiiiiii. I’m back, after what feels like aaaaages. Sorry about that. You see, I was planning on not doing this bloggy malarky for the week over Christmas, I mean who wants to read about cake and stuff when you’re all cosied up watching the Downton spesh with a tummy full of mince pies and pud anyway? But then bad things happened which meant any time that wasn’t spent trying not to sneeze on colleagues and customers was spent perpetually horizontal, being able to muster up just enough energy to lift the life-giving Dr Pepper to my lips. Yep, my New Years Eve was a glam fest.

So anyway, here I am, happy to be healthy and ready for muchmuch cake. I even might need mooore cake than usually because that horizontal thing meant that I don’t feel like I got my fair share of Christmas fun and food and cocktails....so I can see that I might have to spend the next year making up for it.

I’ll start off slow though, because I know some of you might still be clinging on to those New Year Must. Be. A. Better. Person. hopes and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your will power (but here is a lovely post about why NY resolutions can be silly).

So yes, there is caramel, but it’s made of, like, 1 spoon of sugar and there’s FRUIT, and I will NOT let ANyone say a bad word about FRUIT (yes it has sugar, but it has a whole lot of good stuff too). Put the apples on pancakes for a weekend treat, or maybe on porridge for breakfast on a day that requires Big Fuel. Do you know....you could even serve them with a sharp, strong blue cheese in a tastytasty salad or as an alternative to dessert. And if you want to be reeeeeeeally naughty...get a bit of this heavenly salted caramel sauce involved and repeat after me...resolution shmesolution. With Love and Cake.

Cider Caramel Apples.

A few notes:
  • Pleaseplease don't be scared off by the word caramel...it's not what you thing think, honest.
  • The cider you need here is the traditional flat, scrumpy stuff. If you don't have any, you could substitute apple juice, in which case I would cut back on the sugar a bit, or you could use another appropriate alcohol; calvados would be dreamy.
  • Serve on ice cream, on crêpes, with blue cheese on toast...the possibilities are extensive ...see above for more ideas.
Serves 2
You will need

drizzle of flavourless oil
knob butter
1 crisp, sharp apple, Granny Smiths work well, cut into slim wedges
1 tbsp cider
1 dessert spoon soft brown sugar

  • Heat the oil and butter in a large frying pan.
  • Add the apple and fry for a few minutes until the underside is burnished and bronzed.
  • Flip the wedges over and cook for a few more minutes so the other side colours as well.
  • Add the cider and sugar, swirl around the pan and then leave for just a few moments for the cider to bubble away and the sugar to dissolve to a deep bronze sticky sauce.
  • Remove from the heat and serve as you wish. 

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