Friday, 14 September 2012

Ice Cream Cake.

So I knooooooow you don't exactly come here for diet food, but this diviiiiine little number goes above and beyond in the unhealthy stakes. Just look at all is sparkly golden topped glory.

I mean, it doooooooes have nuts; mightymighty good for helping to keep us nice and bendy and clever, it has daaairy, good for those bones and veggie muscles of ours aaaaaaand it has chocolate; sscIEntIFically proven to make you happy and give you those nice frinedly antioxidants. WHat am I sAYing, unhealthy? This ice cream cake is positively a health food.  

I mean, they should ship it to Africa and give it to kiddywinkles instead of those weird peanut bars; not only would the poor starving children no longer be poor and starving (yes you can measure richness in cake....didn't you know?) but they would be happy and joyful and therefore much more likely to hug rather than take up arms.

My goodness, why on earth has no one made me 'Queen of the World' yet. I could fix pretty much aaaaalll the problems. Well I'll wait here eating ice cream soon as word gets out about this marvelous idea I'm sure I'll get a phone know from God, or whoever makes these 'queen of the world' decisions. Oo also, I would make disliking peanut butter illegal...seriously, I have ALL the answers. With Love and Cake.

Ice Cream Cake.
Another one from Nige's Express

A few notes:
  • I made a fairly small cake, to serve 4, because freezer space is fairly limited, but feel free to scale up the ingredients to fit any freezer friendly receptacle. 
  • I used peanut butter chocolate chips because I have genius friends who give me such prezzies but if you cant find them you could use chocolate chips or you could chop up some Reese's Cups which are readily available these days. While you're at it, feel free to make any other tweaks and changes you fancy...maybe you'd prefer chocolate ice cream or you fancy sub-ing the bourbons for ginger nuts...this particular cake, unlike most others, isn't an exact science.
  • I served mine with the salted caramel sauce I've told you about before; leave it salt-less if you wish.
Serves 4
You will need

a small cake tin

500ml vanilla ice cream; that's a Ben and Jerry's sized tub
50g honey roast peanuts
50g peanut butter chips
1 Crunchy, crumbled, plus extra for topping
75g bourbon biscuits, crumbled, plus extra for topping
caramel sauce to serve

  • Get the ice cream out of the freezer and leave to soften for a while.
  • Meanwhile line the cake tine with clingfilm by lying a 2 lengths of cling over the top of the tin in opposite directions; so you have a clingfilm cross, leaving lots of excess so you can wrap the cake up tightly.
  • When the ice cream is soft, gently stir through the peanuts, peanut butter chips, crunchy and biscuits and spoon the ice cream into the lined cake tin.
  • Press the ice cream down into the tin, smooth the top and fold the excess clingfilm up and over the cake so it's all wrapped up.
  • Pop the cake tin in the freezer to harden up again.
  • When you're ready to serve, and the cake will sit happily in the freezer until then, turn in out of the cake tin and invert it onto a pretty plate. Sprinkle extra biscuits and Crunchy over the top, slice into wedges and spoon over lashings of sauce. 

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