Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Pancake Phase.

I’m going through a phase. A pancake phase. I’m so enthralled by the flat little lovelies that in my head (thank GOD) I just went...STOP....Pancake Time, and did a little jig with my knees a la MC Hammer. I. Am. Cool.

Annnnnd I just realised that today is your day. THE day. The day that you are leaving little sunny Somerset, jumping across the pond and landing in pancake heaven. I hadn’t even thought about the breakfast joy that will be awaiting you. Oh heck. Please eat pancakes as big as your face at least once a week while you’re out there. And post me a few. Aaaand send all the crazy topping ideas, that I am sure are prevalent in NYC, my way. Thanks.

Good good luck little one. I’ll miss you.

Anyway, here is my go-to recipe for good old basic pancakes. Little, fat fluffy ones mind, not skinny, Europe-style crepes, you’re leaving all that behind. These are bland and bouncy and just perfect with about any topping you can think of. My current favourite thing to do is to pick up berries from a supermarket at the end of the day, when they’re a bit too squishy and have that joyful yellow discount sticker on them. Just pop them in a hot pan with a blob of appropriate jam (strawb with strawbs etc)  and let them bubble away for a bit until you get a gleaming pan of syrup. Pour on top of your buttery, breakfast friends, top with some fresh berries and start your day with smiles...With Love and Cake.

A few notes:
·         This is a nice plain recipe; they’re pretty much scotch pancakes or drop scones if you prefer. Expect plenty more recipes with tweaks and twiddles winging your way in the future as my obsession develops.
·         I am the only pancake enthusiast in my house so I tend to make a whole batch and freeze all that I don’t eat straight away. Just stick in the microwave for a minute or so or straight in the toaster to defrost (I haven't quite worked out which makes for the best texture yet), and bobs-your-uncle, pancakes at the ready.
·         The original recipe says it makes 25, but I make them nice and big and fat so it’s usually more like 15.

Makes 10-20
You will need

A nice big pan or a few smaller ones

225g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
25g sugar
1 egg
300g milk

·         Pop the pan/pans on the hob to heat to a medium temperature.
·         Stir together the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl, then whisk in the egg and milk. You should have a thick, bubbly batter.
·         Grease the pan with a spot of butter on some kitchen towel.
·         Drop tablespoon-fulls of batter into the pan and cook until you can see bubbles starting to appear on the up-facing surfaces.
·         Remember that the law of physics (or something) states that the first pancake is guaranteed to fail, so don’t be disheartened.
·         Flip and cook for another few minutes.
·         Keep going until all the batter is transformed into pancakey deliciousness.
·         Butter and top with whatever takes your fancy.

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  1. I LOVE this post! I have had a craving for american style pancakes forever but for some reason always found recipes that seemed to include loads of ingredients, so this is just perfect! I may have pancakes for tea.